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Ronald Weasley

((Psssssst... sorrrry! I havent been able to be on much!! Musical rehersals at school have been going til 7pm at night but that will all be over after this weekend. Then I can be really active and my normal self))

Tag For: Any
Where: Great Hall
When: Dinner
Private: No

Ron was sitting in the Great Hall alone. He had come to dinner early one, because he was extremely hungry (but that wasnt something new) and two, because he couldnt find any of his friends to hang out with. As food appeared on the table, he grabbed a roll and buttered it up. "Geez," he thought to himself, "Where is everyone?" He looked around at the almost empty Great Hall. "I must have come earlier than I thought."

Classes earlier that day had worn him out and Harry had gotten pulled away from Ron earlier by some girls. Ron just hoped that he wouldnt be gone too long.

Ron moved onto drinking some pumpkin juice and waited for someone to pop in and say 'Hello.'
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