Cho Chang (seekr_4evru) wrote in toujoursxpur,
Cho Chang

Ok well since everyone is making and showing off their icons here are some---->

Cho <3 saying---->That Fake Smile
Cho <33 saying--------->Think of me (Phantom of the Opera)
Cho <333 saying----->So Hard to Say to Sorry
Neville saying-------->You are the song I know
Death Eaters saying----->Never go against the family
Golden Trio saying-------> In the bad times, Friends are there
Rita Skeeter(ew) saying--> IDIOT...Tsk Tsk We expected better
Slytherin//Draco saying---> the cunning
Ravenclaw//Cho <3333 saying--->the brilliant
Hufflepuff//Cedric saying--->the loyal
Gryffindor//Harry saying---->the brave

I know they aren't beautiful but I like em ^-~

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