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Ron came out of the Gryffindor common room busy in thought. He wasnt necessarily thinking about one thing but actually a couple. For instance, he was wondering where Harry was, he hadnt seen him in a long time. Or he was wondering what was for dinner tonight in the great hall. Not that it mattered since Ron would eat anything they put in front of him. But because he was so lost in thought, he wasnt really paying attention to what was ahead of him.

'I wonder if muggles have flying brooms but they just dont know it,' Ron thought, ' I mean, what if a muggle started sweeping with a Cleansweep. Would anything happen?'

As Ron was thinking this, he accidently bumped into someone, knocking them to the floor and sending their books flying everywhere. "Er, sorry" Ron said as he bent down to help pick up the books.
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Luna had just been heading towards the library when out of no where someone bumped into her and sent her books flying all over the floor. As Luna bent down to pick up the book she noticed that the person who had bumped her was none other than Ron. She smiled as she struggled to pick all of them up. "Hello Ron, how are you?"
"Oh, hey Luna," Ron said to her, "I'm doing fine, and what about yourself?" Ron helped pick the rest of the books up. "Do you want any help with these? You sure do have a lot! Where are you headed?" Ron was trying to be friendly, thats what they needed at Hogwarts nowadays. And its not like he had anything better to do anyways.
There was a high pitch peal of laughter, the mocking kind from the corner as Pansy Parkinson rounded it, her bad slung over to shoulder to carry books. Tossing her hair back, she observed the two and laughed once more, a fake smile spreading across her face. "Oh, how cute" she taunted, "Weasel, the Mudblood might get jealous of you flirting with loony. I wouldn't blame you though, insane is better than impure."
Ron turned to see Pansy leaning against the wall laughing at them. "Shut up Pansy, your lucky you're a girl or I would hit you. And you are really lucky Hermione isnt here."

Ron turned around, trying to ignore Pansy but what she said kept swirling in his mind.
"You won't hit me because you're a bloody coward." She smirked slowly, playing with her hair nonchalantly as she eyed him. "after all, you are Potter's lap dog. Four eyes over there is the one trying to get himself killed before he graduates." she answered, knowing she was getting to him a bit.
Ron turned that bright red that every Weasley gets when they either get angry or embarassed. He didnt want Pansy to see but he was sure she could see how quickly his ears turned a different shade.

"Have anything else you need to get off your hairy chest Pansy?" Ron asked.
"Witty Weasel, really witty." She countered, rolling her eyes as she used a slightly heeled foot to push off of the wall, advancing towards him. "Don't deny it. You're a horrible liar." She snapped with a smirk.
Ron didnt want to have to deal with Pansy right now. His day was good until now. "Go away will you? You are a bother. There's no lie about that," Ron said.
"Takes one to know one, love." She taunted, rolling her eyes but then smirked once more. "and besides, you look so dashingly pathetic when your face turns that shade of red. I suppose thats a sign of the low class, isn't it?" She added.
Ron was raging with anger and was using all of his energy not to throw one of Luna's books in Pansy's ugly face. "You would know all about low class people wouldn't you Pansy. Drooling over Malfoy all day long."
"Oh, how adorable" She remarked in a falsely sweet tone of voice, raising an eyebrow at him in an amused manner, cold blue eyes gazing back at him. "Stick to being Potter's lapdog Weasel, you're also horrible at insults. " She added, flipping her hair back for a moment. "I only associate myself with the best, unforunately I can't say the same for you. Mudbloods hardly count as class."
"We obviously have different definitions of class." Ron stated. He was so infuriated he would soon have to walk away. He was doing his best to keep calm but the next comment that comes from her, Ron is sure to blow.
"And of course, we all know whose is better." She countered, yet another smirk playing on her smug face. Pansy loved these little fights she got into. She loved having someone to challenge and not have to worry about overstepping her boundaries, like with Draco. It was fun to toy with the other person, see if she could make them snap.
Ron took one quick look at Luna and then back at Pansy. "You know what?!! You're not even worth my time! You arent worth wasting my breath on! You deserve the piece of CRAP company you get from Malfoy. You dont deserve having any other friends. So leave me and MY friends out of your pathetic excuse for a life. It will make the world a better place. Trust me."

Ron walked off with Luna in the direction of the Ravenclaw Common Room.
Pansy laughed now, " Oh you keep telling yourself that." She smirked as she turned to saunter off down the direction she had been heading in the first place. "Keep thinking that Weasel." She added once more over her shoulder.
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