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Toujours Pur RPG

...Sixth Year. Au.

Sixth Year AU RPG
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Welcome to..
Toujours Pur - A Roleplaying Community


Sixth year… a world of change at Hogwarts. The Second Great Wizard war is in full swing and now is a time when people's true colors are shown. Will you open up to the dark side or take a place on the front lines of the light? Lord Voldemort's whereabouts are unknown, but the Daily Prophet as well as The Quibbler report that he is gaining followers each day.

Here at Hogwarts, the students perceive to be safe. They go about their classes, they have heightened security, they have limited trips to Hogsmeade. And yet, students still try to remain perky - although they are worried sick that they might receive 'the letter'. 'The letter' is an official letter from the Ministry of Magic Department of Deaths and Accidents, telling them of a death within their family. So don't be late for the opening feast, and be prepared for a year of dangerous new situations, emotions, and relationships- and remember Tuojours Pur .

This RPG is Harry Potter, AU Sixth year. Because it is AU (alternate Universe) it means that we will be straying from the events of OOTP and HBP. For example, the death eaters from the Department of Mysteries were never caught and still are able to carry normal lives. As well, Dumbledore will most likely not die, and Draco will not be given his job. Basically, its the sixth book YOUR way. All entries on Character journals are written in first person and past tense. Just as we write in our own journals. When replying in comments, all interaction is in first person past tense as well. If you are including a character's thoughts, please put them in italics and quotations. Any RPing done here at toujoursxpur is done in the Third Person. Why? This is because it's easier. AIM conversations between characters are aloud and encouraged but a copy of the conversation must be cross posted to your character's LJ.


Over the summer, every student was sent a quill and an ordinary school notebook - decorated to display the student's personality, likes and dislikes to utter perfection. Along with this notebook, came the letter explaining it. Each journal is intertwined with those of the other Student's magically, and whatever is written inside can be read by any other student of Hogwarts and responded to. However, privacy comments can be added so only certain people may view an entry. (Visible to ___ Only , Death to _____ if he/she reads this) or kept private for only the student ([[Private]] ) Each entry is written and responded to in first person, as if you were talking to the person. Students must write in full sentences and are not permitted to "write lyk dis. Kk?!!1!!11?"



Apply here: tp_sort

1. All applications must be under an LJ-cut.
2. Fill out the application completely.
3. Applications must be posted within 48 hours of joining
4. Change the subject line of the post to "So try me on & I will tell you" and the LJ-cut text to "Where you ought to be"
5. If not accepted, you may reapply within a week
6. Do not post anywhere else until accepted
7. Application must be posted with the username you are going to use for your character

All other Rules:

- All members must be courteous
- When in character, try and keep the journals PG-13. If need to go above that arises, make sure your posts are CLEARLY MARKED.
- In the OOC comm., try not to start LJ drama. It's pointless.
- Do not argue with Mods
- You must post at least once a week. If for some reason you cannot, please contact a mod through AIM or e-mail.
- Stick to canon as much as possible
- Be courteous and respectful, and have fun. =)
- Make all the posts 'Friends Only' except if you want to add a 'Friends Only Banner'.


tp_sort Apply here. tp_sort

Application can be found here as well: App.

To join the community, please read the rules and fill out an application. Once this is done, please post it under an lj-cut at our community to apply: tp_sort

Character List::
The Character List is located here.
A list of PBs is located here.


Get to know the mods: here.

If you would like to apply to be a mod, we have one spot open. E-mail Jen at TeenagexTragedy@gmail.com if you are interested, and she'll send you a mod app.


Our OOC community is located here: tp_ooc


As in rating communities, our members can earn points for their Hogwart's houses. Points are earned entirely out of character, and then used in the RP. How do you know what house you're in? You are in the house of the first character you sign up as. So for example, Jen signed up first as Pansy Parkinson, and therefore is in Slytherin. At the end of each month, points will be tallied and we will have a monthly cup, where members of that house can earn certain things for winning.

How to earn points and what you can earn are located here.


Gryffindor: 10
Slytherin: 50
Ravenclaw: 90
Hufflepuff: 0

Promotion banners here